Washing your face is mandatory after every work out. Workout sweat can be a nightmare for our skin.

There’s a direct correlation between how long we leave sweat on skin and the intensity of the breakouts we have later on. Dirt and sweat causes the pores to clog.

Here are quick tips to take care of your face post a workout:

Before work out, make sure to take off any makeup or skin product. This ensures that when we sweat we are not driving lotion or oils deeper into pores.

  • Wash face immediately post workout. Don’t use anything abrasive right away, because skin is usually red post-workout, meaning there is some post-workout inflammation, which shouldn’t be irritated in any way.
  • Use a toner which is particularly helpful for acne-prone skin. 
  • Lastly apply some form of moisturizer and SPF.

Post gym skin care can be a game changer!