There are good and bad reasons to have plastic surgery.Plastic surgery for the right reasons will be a satisfying experience.Plastic surgery for wrong reasons will lead to dissatisfaction and disappointment.

Take the quiz given below to determine whether plastic surgery may be a good choice for you.

  1. Do you think plastic surgery will add to your self-confidence?
  2. Are you self-conscious about aging changes in your face?
  3. Are you self-conscious about your nose?
  4. Are you self-conscious about your chin?
  5. Do you feel a more youthful appearance will be an asset in your job?
  6. Do you think plastic surgery will bring about a significant change in your life?
  7. Do you think plastic surgery will lead to a job promotion?
  8. Do you think plastic surgery will alter a personal relationship?
  9. Do you think plastic surgery will save a failing marriage?
  10. Is your concern about the problems with your appearance out of proportion to what others think?
  11. Are you looking for perfection?

Answering 1-5 suggest that you have good reasons for considering plastic surgery.Answering yes to 6-11 suggest that you may have unrealistic expectations for plastic surgery.

When is the right time to have plastic surgery?

For correcting congenital deformities,age is not a necessarily an issue.Cleft lip and palate should be corrected in infancy.An extremely large nose or other inherited features may be cosmetically corrected through plastic surgery at any time in the teen years or later.However,for diminishing the negative signs of aging,customizing over time is recommended.This means having minor procedures will freshen your appearance gradually,making you the most attractive you can be at each age level.

Cosmetic surgery is not only for women only!

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