We all are aware of the harmful effects of smoking. But what about the effects it has on the family members or people around. They are experiencing ‘Passive Smoking’, which is equally harmful.

When you take a drag of that cigarette in a room, your family is not safe from its adverse effects. Being aware of the damages caused by Passive Smoking can help you make changes in your smoking behaviour.

Opening windows, switching ‘on’ the fan to let the smoke out doesn’t save you or your family from passive smoking. Even when you smoke when no one is in the room leaves nicotine deposits on pillows, furniture which is harmful to others along with you.

There are many things that we are not aware of Passive Smoking like the following:

1. Smoking Will Harm Not Only You But Everyone Around You

Many smokers believe that puffing away will harm no one but them. However, those who are around run the risk of absorbing poisonous agents found in tobacco smoke. Passive smokers vulnerable to secondhand smoke run the risk of developing lung cancer and heart problems.

2. Smoking In Different Room Is Not Fine

Do you think that smoking in another room where no one is present will keep your family and children safe? No matter where you are smoking, smoke will pass through openings, door, window cracks to the rest of the house and linger on. This is going to harm you and your family.

3. Air Purifiers In A Room Can Not Protect Passive Smokers

Air Purifiers or filters fail to reduce the harmful impact of passive smoking. They may only be able to get rid of tobacco odour or lighten the smell. This means that the cancer-causing elements will float in the air for everyone to breathe.

4. A Baby In Mother’s Womb Is Not Safe From Secondhand Smoking

Even if the mother isn’t smoking but someone is smoking in presence of a pregnant woman, the toxic chemicals absorbed by her can be detrimental to the mother and her unborn baby’s health. It can have an adverse impact on the development of a baby’s organs.

5. Smoking Is Harmful Even In a Ventilated Room

Adequate ventilation may help reduce the irritation caused by smoking, but can’t get rid of all the poisonous substances emitted into air by the smoker. Even if you open the doors and windows of a room, toxic air will circulate back into room, leaving non-smokers vulnerable.

If you care about your family’s health and other people’s health let us say NO to Tobacco and NO to Smoking.