We enjoy playing different games while learning to play the game of life effectively..! In the process of switching from playing games to playing life we need not realise how close any game is, to the Life itself. There are couple of widely accepted games such as soccer, cricket or basketball; one of which, every bloke on the block might have tried, tested & settled for the enthusiastic observer position eventually..?? 

Let’s consider cricket & see how close it could be to the game of life..!!

In the world of cricket, we can play different roles. One can be a batsman, a bowler, a fielder, an umpire, an audience or a commentator. All these roles come with their own rules & a unique nature. Though we keep switching from one role to another we mostly get comfortable playing one or two of these roles.

Are you a Batsman..?? 

A batsman’s role is that of a defender and a counter attacker. You have a high need for achievement & the scope for recognition. In this position you play in the centre by taking the responsibility on your shoulders. Well, at least in the swing of your shoulders. Everyone around is observing each of your actions & you are busy trimming your skills, defending or attacking depending on your own expectations, self-esteem or team’s expectations. In the family, one with a batsman attitude would prefer to respond to situation & make it click rather than initiate an action. Your presence is an active one in any situation and failure is a tad hard on you.

The role of a Bowler..!!

A bowler is the main attacker in the game. You would like variety & unpredictability. It is a place where you create different scenarios for others to respond. In this role you mostly enjoy trying, testing and polishing as much as shining. It’s good if things work according to expectations else you learn one or two things from your actions. In family, this is a role of an initiator. You would prefer to create different situations for others to respond. In this position you are comfortable enough in your shoes to act freely & also trust your family or team to back your actions..!!

Are You a Fielder...!?

A fielder is a less noticed craftsman in the game. You are the one; bowler is counting on when he initiates an action. You are present in the game and also feel like being a significant part of the game however it could be only you who feel so. You are an active observer who gets to voice your opinion here and there only when bowler & batsman feel it to be relevant and that is your chance to step out of your position for a change. Your role is the most taken for granted one in the family or the team. You tend to enjoy being part of the game and cherish the belonging though.

Being an Umpire..!!

An umpire is someone who is in the game but not part of the game. This is a role where you watch the drama unfold; live, in front of your eyes & get involved only to enforce the rules. You are an important member who will be remembered only when things go wrong for one party or the other. You are significant but not famous. The family or team will come running to you whenever there is a conflict however will just ignore you when things are smooth. You are a rare neutral observer in your den.

Playing an Audience..!!

An audience is the prime motivation for the game. You are playing the game that you aren't playing. You are rarely a neutral spectator in the game. Though your body & actions are not reflecting, your emotions are playing the game. Once you are aligned with a side, what you mostly care about is the performance of that side you are playing rather than being an observer. You become immune to the charm, technicalities or the point of view of the other side. It becomes your opponent you care about only with one intention in the mind, to conquer. In the family or the team, you tend to identify your side, and align with the party who is to be your voice & action.

To be a Commentator…!!

A commentator is the magnifier of the game. You can bring fire where there is only water in the vicinity. You are that observer who is looking at the game from outside with your own glasses, interpreting the intention of the players and ensuring that the game goes out of the four walls in most dramatised way. You are the window through which world gets a glimpse of the game being played. You have it in you to make the game bigger, dramatised & relatable than it seems. Your intention is to ensure that the game has a grand presentation & reception from the world irrespective of its course..!!

Life, A Game of balancing roles

Life gets far more interesting than games because one has the choice here to play numerous roles, beyond that offered by any game. We may mix and match the roles & go on improvising till we feel that the game of life is grand enough..!! Question here is if we are observant enough to recognise the roles we are playing & motivated enough to drop the unintended roles we are habituated to & pick fresh ones intentionally..!!

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