A Pap test or to be specific, a Pap smear test is done to Detect Cervical Cancer. Basically, it looks out for the presence of any growth in your cervix which can be or is cancerous. Even though it sounds complex, it is a really simple procedure and is recommended to be included in your routine tests once you are thirty.

A Routine Pap smear test is recommended for various reasons; some of them are:

  • To detect cancerous growth
  • To check if there are any abnormal cells
  • To test for HPV (along with other tests)
  • As an additional test when your reproductive organs are concerned

The test is mostly recommended for women who are sexually active. However, if your doctor deems it necessary, you might need to go through it even if not so.

Even though it is recommended to go through some routine test, it is always necessary to consult your gynecologist before undergoing any procedure. There might be alternatives to the test or any other thing additional that needs to be done.