Oral sex


Contact of mouth of one partner with the genitals of the other is known as oral sex.Stimulation of the male genitals by tongue, lip and mouth is known as fellatio,and oral stimulation of the female genitals is called cunnilingus.

         Either from of oral- genital sex can be done with partner stimulating the other individually. Fellatio and cunnilingus are used to induce or heighten the sexual arousal. Vatsyayan has labeled oral- genital sex ‘Auparishtak’ and mentioned 8 different ways of performing it            

 Licking,sucking, kissing and rubbing of genitals and motion employed can make the person feel good due to moisture and warmth of oral – genital contact. In fellatio, methods of stimulation include sucking the glans or shaft of penis,licking penis or scrotum and kissing anywhere along the genitals. The glans and frenulum are  particularly sensitive to oral stimulation. Many women are highly aroused by licking or sucking of clitoris during cunnilingus. Oral stimulation of minor lips and of vaginal opening is also practiced. Some women are uncomfortable with fellatio because they feel gagging.Some women do not want the man to ejaculate in her mouth, though there is no health risk in swallowing semen accidentally.   

Oral –genital sex is quite common and many see it as normal and pleasurable part of love making. While many people are interested in the pleasure of oral – genital sex   

others consider it dirty, perverted and unnatural. Many think genitals as unclean. From a scientific viewpoint, the oral genital contact is no less hygienic than mouth-to-mouth kissing, provided the parts are kept clean. About 60 percent of American couples perform oral- genital sex

Though oral-genital sex does not give rise to any disease, during fellatio, man should not thrust his erect penis deep into the throat as it may cause vomiting or choking. Cunnilingus should not be performed during pregnancy, as it may cause air embolism resulting in sudden death. Person having STI or HIV infection should avoid oral genital sex.No one should be forced or coerced in doing anything he or she opposes. Men seem to be interested more in oral genital sex than women. However , it she has aversion of performing oral genital sex, he should not insist on it.