Dental caries is a serious public health problem in very young children, and although it is not life threatening, if left untreated it may lead to pain, bacteremia, compromised chewing ability, and toxic overdose of medicines administered during the early stages, followed by malocclusion in permanent dentition, phonetic problems, sub optimal health,weight loss, lower self-esteem, and failure to thrive.

caries rate is very high in milk teeth 2yrs to 6yrs starting with upper front teeth wide spreading to molars.

stages of dental caries in children

preventive measures like 

1. wiping gum pads after feeding or giving plain water after feeding at night

2. Donot use bottle or sippy cup as pacifier

3. Reduce the amount of sweets or sticky foods like chocolates,candies,cookies,chips,bread.

4. Avoid in between meal snacking or juice

4. Dental check-up as early as first tooth erupts

and early detection of decay....using advanced technology..