Our bodies are designed to naturally breathe through the nose and yet so many children as well as adults today breathe from their mouth. 

Why should we breathe from the nose? 

Nose breathing filters the air that we breathe so we are less prone to infections and end up breathing better quality of air. Nose breathing improves circulation, blood oxygen and improves lung volume.It helps in maintaining body temperature. Breathing through the nose also limits air intake and forces one to SLOW down. Proper nose breathing reduces hypertension and stress for most people and improves brain function.Now coming to mouth breathing. Bacteria gain a free entry into our bodies if we breathe from the mouth. We are thus more prone to diseases and infections. Oxygenation to lungs, heart and brain is reduced. It further leads to sleep apnea and snoring. Sleep apnea is the new silent killer and it can be avoided. Mouth breathing also affects the face creating a long face syndrome and dark under eyes. 

So, in conclusion, mouth breathing leads to a lot of health problems in the long run and should be avoided. 

How to start breathing from the nose? 

1. Consciousness and change of habit.

2. Habit breakers, Lip training and myobrace appliances.

3. Nose surgeries. But we have observed that just doing nose surgery does not make the patient breathe from the nose. Patient still needs to actively practice nasal breathing.