Hair Loss can have a destructive effect on the self-esteem and self-confidence of a person. About 80% men face Male Pattern Hair Loss, that doesn’t lessen the distress when it finally happens. 

What alternatives can help you out?

Looks Forever Hair, Skin Aesthetic Clinic helps to beat Hair Loss problems that affect a person’s life. It also helps to solve all the hair loss conditions. If you are dealing with a Hair Loss condition let us outline the different hair loss treatments.


All Hair Loss Treatments can be divided into four main categories:

1. Drugs – Approved by various medical Authorities 

2. Transplant Surgery – Including grafts, micrografts and others.

3. Laser Hair Therapy – an exciting development in the treatment of Hair Loss

4. Non Surgical Transplantation – The latest in Advanced Non-Surgical Transplant Technology

Looks Forever Non Surgical Hair Transplantation system is proven to be the quickest and most effective route to achieving a natural looking and full head of hair.  Our system will stand up to the closest scrutiny and, because we can phase the treatment, it can appear as if your own hair has regrown over a period of time – short or long – it’s up to you.