Here are some myths and facts about IVF :


  • IVF is only for affluent people
  • IVF is always successful 
  • IVF requires admission in the hospital
  • IVF babies have a significantly high risk of birth defects, malformations
  • IVF always results in multiple pregnancies like twins or triplets


  • The cost of IVF has decreased over the years. It is less than some other major procedures like heart surgeries or joint replacement
  • IVF is successful in up to 40% of cases. Success depends on a number of other factors like age, the cause of infertility, the centre of expertise, biological and hormonal reasons, etc
  • It does not require overnight admission. It is, by and large, an outpatient treatment. Only the egg-collection procedure requires day-care admissions
  • There is a slight increase in major malformation (1.3 times), as compared to spontaneously conceived pregnancies. This is expressed as 1 in 12 pregnancies following assisted reproduction as compared to 1 in 15 spontaneously conceived. But the absolute risk of having a child with congenital malformation remains low
  • The chances of multiple pregnancies can be reduced by reducing the number of embryos transferred, especially in young women