• Anyone can get dental implants.

Fact: Not everyone require dental implants. For dental implants, it is important to have healthy bone tissue in the mouth for the implant. A qualified dentist can figure this out.

  • Dental implants are painful.

Fact: Under local anesthesia, the patient undergoes a very comfortable procedure.

  • Dental implant titanium causes migraine or headache.

Fact: There are no clinical studies which prove this. In addition to this, the headache felt after the procedure might be due to patients having TMJ disorder or opening mouth wide.

  • Dental implants are ineffective.

Fact: Dental implants have history of over forty years. And, the researches show that dental implants have approximately 95% success rate.

  • Dental implants are quite high-priced.

Fact: When you think about dental implants to restore your missing teeth, the initial investments provides huge benefits over a period of time compared to other treatment alternatives available.