Apart from entertainment and pleasure, music positively affects our physical and mental health. There is an immense amount of studies that indicate music also can help in recovery. The studies on Indian classical music claims that along with depression, stress, pain, and anxiety in many other serious mental health conditions the music therapy speeds up the recovery. Music improves cognitive functions, quality of sleep, improves mood, and makes you motivated. 

All over the world, in every culture music has a special space. Initially, the music might have created for enhancing the life experience and now after a long period, we have reached a place where music can reveal each significant life aspect of humans life. 

To distinguish music from the noise the there is a hardwiring between the brain and the nervous system it also responds differently to tunes, reputation, tones, and rhythms. Music has positively affected human life in various ways. 

5 ways music can help:

1. Improve performance in cognitive activities: If the adult is focusing on the primary activity the background music helps to perform better. furthermore, it has been said that upbeat music enhances the speed of processing and both upbeat and downbeat music can help in cognitive activities. 

2. Mindful eating: One interesting study on the quantity of food intake shows that people eat 18% in the resultants were soft music is played as compared to people who ate in other restaurants. Music makes people more relax and thus people can eat mindfully. So next time you think of weight loss music might help. 

3. Mood regulation: Mood can directly affect once's mood and thoughts as well. Many studies show that music makes you happier. Positive music boosts the mood. 

4. Social connect: Music can reduce the feeling of isolation and loneliness. Sharing a playlist with friends, singing together is fun. Music connects people. 

5. Motivation: Have you ever noticed that your Gym always plays a certain type of music and you actually enjoy it, the music helps getting motivated and tone and style of music might increase the speed of performance.