Microdermabrasion, or particle skin resurfacing, is the latest technology for skin exfoliation.

Micro meaning small ,minute

Derma meaning skin 

Abrasion meaning removing,scraping 

Types Microdermabrasion can be done in two ways 

1) Crystal (Aluminium Oxide) 

2) Diamond Defination Microdermabrasion is micro peeling of the uppermost layer of the epidermis (stratum corneum) through abrasion thus reducing thickness of the same and allowing a brighter and smoother skin to emerge.

Crystal Microdermabrasion The micro dermabarber uses a controlled vacuum to move the sterile microcrystals to abrade the stratum corneum which is the layer of dead cells on the skin. The microcrystals and abraded skin are then vacuumed away thus leaving behind a smooth and shiny glowing skin.After multiple treatments, this skin renewal procedure can eliminate pigmented spots. It improves post trauma scars and acne scars.

Microdermabrasion helps in removing dead and flaking skin cells to create an immediate improvement in your skin appearance. The unique approach stimulates the production of fresh young skin cells and collagen. It is the ultimate advancement in non surgical, non invasive skin conditioning.Microdermabrasion is a safe non surgical approach to skin care when used alone, or in combination with other treatments.

BENEFITS:--Gives the skin an overall fresh , healthy- looking glow Improves blood circulation.

Non surgical , safe, effective lunch hour procedure.Effective on all skin colors and types.No anesthetic required.Excellent activities can be resumed immediately.Normal activities can be resumed immediately.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:--Requires multiple sessions and maintenance treatments.Patients with good skin tone will show best results.

In addition to the face, microdermabrasion can be successfully performed the neck , chest , hands, back, elbows, feet –just about anywhere! It is also beneficial for patients with darker skin types.

INDICATIONS:--Acne scars , chicken pox scars ,Uneven skin color Dull or dry patches

 Clogged pores Blackheads 

Open Pores Fine lines Rough, thick or dry skin 

Sun spots ,Age spots ,Keloid scars from burns

 post trauma and post surgical.


Crystal Sensitivity


 Active acne 

Rosacea Eczema and seborrheic dermatitis 


TECHNIQUE---Microdermabrasion is performed with jet of fine crystals, which are propelled and  then vacuumed across the skin surface. Removing the damaged cells to reveal fresh , invigorated skin.resulting in a gentle abrasion or polishing process.Each treatment takes from 30 mins to an hour. Approximately 10-12 sessions are required once in every 15 days . Maintenance of result required periodic repeat treatments after the initial regimen is completed. 

PROCEDURE—1. Cleanse the face and dry it completely

.2. Adjust the vacuum depending upon the indication.

3. Put cotton buds in the ears so that crystals do not enter in the ears.

4. Remove lens if you are using once as that crystals can abrade the lens 

5. Crystal sensitivity test is done on the forearm. 

6.Stretch the skin and quickly move the hand piece across the skin in horizontal and vertical strokes without unnecessary pressure.

 8.Clean the face with a wet tissue to ensure that all the crystals are completely removed from from the face  .

9.Then apply hydrating or cooling masks for 20 mins.

10. Finally apply sunscreen.

DIAMOND MICRODERMABRASION This also works on same principle of exfoliation. But here instead of aluminum oxide crystals particles of diamond are used. These particles are embedded on the tip of the wand like device. Diamond particles used are finest . They are gentle as well abrasive.The exfoliated  cells of stratum corneum are collected on a cotton. 


Can be done on sensitive skin 

Can be performed on asthmatic patient.

Microdermabrasion can also be combined with various other procedures to obtain maximam results.

1) DSP with ultrasonic and or galvanic . Also called as ULTASONIC DIAMOND microdermabrasion.

2) AHA/ BHA masks for 20 mins followed by DSP and end the procedure with galvanicusing neutral products like vit.c serums ,aloe vera gel, natural lighteners containing licorice , vitamin, niacinamide etc.

Instructions :

⦁Do not wash face with soap, can clean with plain water. Soap to be used after 12hrs.

⦁As the crystals are sharp there is sensation of writing on the face.

⦁Slight redness will be seen for 1-2 hours

⦁There may be peeling of the skin on day 3,4 & 5

⦁Feeling of heaviness and soreness which lasts for few hours

⦁No make –up to be applied on the same day

⦁No heavy exercises and swimming for 3-4 days

⦁No direct exposure of sunlight. Sunscreen to be applied half hr before going in sun Results Poor health, diet ,ageing, stress, and  the elements of nature can slow down the skin’s cell turnover process. By speeding up the cellular turnover process, microdermabrasion brings you closer to healthier, younger looking skin. 

It allows you to gradually improve your skin without the risks, side effects, and down time of more aggressive alternatives.

 In as little as twenty minutes, this gentle, abrasive technique efficiently produces satisfying results. Further improvements in appearance and texture will occur with each treatment. 

Microdermabrasion can be used aggressively to achieve dramatic results, but does not take the place of surgical or laser procedures.

Best of all there is no “down time” One can resume regular activities immediately. 

 To achive good results , several treatments 10-12 are recommended .treatments are typically scheduled two weeks apart . you will experience a progressive improvement throughout your treatment program.

conclusion microdermabrasion leaves your skin feeling SOFT AND SILKY with a healthy glow .you leave the office with only a mild , temporary pinkness in the treated area.

FAQ(Frequently asked question)

What is microdermabrasion?Microdermabrasion is a mini procedure that is used to rejuvenate skin , lessens the sign of scarring , and removes fine lines and the effects of acne . the top layers of dead skin is removed during treatment, while promoting the production of new cells in the deepest layer of skin.

How is it done?The skin is sandblasted with aluminum oxide crystals through a wand –like device that suction itself. As the treatments are relatively painless , anesthesia is generally not administered. Treatments last about 20-30 minutes if only the face is being treated, and can last up to an hour if the neck and upper chest are included. 

Courses of microdermabrasion consist of 10-12 treatments at 2 week interval . all treatments can preformed at your doctor s office ,salon ,or spa.

What precautions are to be taken before the procedure?-

Discontinue use of topical exfoliating creams for 3-4 days before &after the procedure .Remove lens just before the treatment if you are using one as crystals can abrade the lens.Recovery /post op expectations Microdermabrasion has been branded with the cosmetic nickname , the lunch –time’’ peel because it can be performed in a short period of time and patients can return immediately to their daily routine including applying makeup . patients typically experience a slight irritation or wind – burnt sensation during treatment that can last for a few hours afterward. In addition , skin usually takes on a pink hue that lasts an a average of one day but can last three or more in severe cases.


 Almost all patients experience no complications associated with these types of treatments. With the more powerful, medical grade machines ,there is a slight possibility of hyperpigmentation or bleeding , and if the machine is improperly sterilized, there is a risk of infection.

Am I A candidate ? 

Good candidates for microdermabrasion have minor surface scars or slight pigmentation or acne problems and wish to have  have minor surface scars or slight pigmentation or acne problems and wish to have younger – looking healthier skin. Patients with severe acne, warts, recent herpes outbreaks, and other diseases are not the candidates for treatment.   

Is maintenance is required ?Yes, maintenance is required once a month.