Wellness is a choice especially mental wellness is a gift for self and others. The lens of mental wellness extends from an individual’s inner experience to conditioning of mind to influencing people in all aspects. The modalities of mental conditions vary from person to person based on experiences, life incidents and sensations. Mind that cares for everything gets unnoticed and gradually deteriorates its function. Life color changes with the change of mind. A small alternation in the state of mind alters the complete picture of life.

The power of mind is invisible and insensible for many of us. Most of the time people feel mind is to mind itself. It doesn’t require any care from self or others. It has to manage on its own. The authority of mind lies with the owner and the power players of mind are influences in our life. Any person can influence mind in the most positive and negative manners. The preference of the mind is completely subjective and situational.

Mind requires love and affection. It wanted people to hear its feeling and listen to its word. Most of the time, people are very apprehensive in talking their mind out. They feel embarrassed to share their thoughts or feelings to a person as it may be considered for mental illness or psychiatric problems. The research says 1 in 10 people are mentally ill for one or the other reasons. The primary reason for this is that people are unwilling to talk about their mental trauma and skeptical of being judged by others.

One of the prime reasons for people being mentally unwell or disturbed is the lack of self acceptance from others. Each one of us wanted the clone of us. Not ready to accept or listen to the other person. A person feels disregarded and mentally upset when his words are unnoticed and hardly gets any response from the recipient. Active lending ears of a person would do wonders in other person’s life.

A person in distress doesn’t need money or advice from anyone. They simply need someone to share their pain, accept them without judging, actively listen and understand their feelings at that moment only. If we could give such moment of experience to them, it would influence their mind in a positive manner and give a great hope for living. A small deviation in listening to their words makes them feel bad about themselves, loose hope in life and people. It influences their mind so negatively that nothing can bring back hope in their life. The unseen state of mind affects their mood so badly and deteriorates health and wealth.

The influences are active listeners. They play a major role in capturing mind’s wavelength. They could capture mind’s voice even when the words are unsaid and feelings are unexpressed. They understand their pain through bodily expressions and feelings through choose words. The influence can act as a support system by spending their time and sharing their care at that moment. Such an act would bring hope in self and life.

Mind is like Wind when pressure blows out through actions, radiates in all directions and words act like cyclones and restless is the state of mind. Mind is like Breeze when words are cool and calmness is the state of mind. The mind can be influenced in any ways based on the state of mind and acceptance of people and incidents in life.Mental wellness is not the absence of mental illness. It’s the presence of beautiful thoughts and feelings of life for self and others. Life is full of liveliness and happiness. Let’s believe in people and life.