Every act by a living being is done with the primary object of saving the self. Then how can one act against the body of self?

For every situation the mind finds a decision to escape from physical discomfort. It is rather factual that mind finds a way to lesser physical discomfort. For example, when air conditioner is not available, cooler will be the choice. If not, simple fan or even a newspaper will be the option. In any case the option will be physically less comfortable than the hot atmosphere.

The decision taken by the mind contains very complex and lightening, but logical sequence of events. Every mind has great collection of memories about the decisions taken in earlier life. These actions have been taken with full knowledge of liking, capacity and limitations of the self.

If father is angry and comparing man with lots of expectations, the mind of child will automatically take a decision to avoid the father. This way the physical discomfort of exposure to father is reduced to discomfort of avoiding him. This kind of action will occur automatically in future on the basis of the available memories.

If the scooter is not braked in time, the physical discomfort will be more than if scooter is braked in time. Hence, decision of braking in time is taken by mind.

Once the decision is made, appropriate sensations are produced on the body by the mind. The sensations direct the body to take actions to reduce the sensations.

Interestingly, mind gets the actions done by body by producing discomfort on body. For example, thirst or hunger discomfort is produced to make the body drink or eat.

Many discomforts like intestinal pain, headache, full bladder, colic, fever, exhaustion, injury, etc are understood properly by the body. That way body takes proper actions.

But fabricated fears in the mind have no clear cut answer known. For example, fear of failure in examinations or loss of crop shave no clear cut answers in mind. Now mind will produce discomfort on body, but body will not get any direction for action. Whatever action body does will not reduce the discomfort, because the insecure situation has not been solved.

Mind is now confused more. More and more discomfort is produced. Still body can’t take any action to resolve the situation, the way it drank water to reduce the thirst discomfort.

This way the vague discomfort goes on increasing. This is called stress, anxiety, panic and depression in clinical language.

Now the poor chap gets trapped in the vicious cycle of spirituality or psychiatry. The drugs or ECT induced biochemical changes create still more unknown discomfort on body.

Now mind is coming to a conclusion that the easier way to reduce this discomfort is to destroy the uncomfortable body. This is a slow process of training the mind. Ultimately, death appears to be less uncomfortable than the depression discomfort. Then action of suicide happens automatically, just like accepting injection discomfort over injury discomfort.

There is definite solution to this tragedy if we catch these subjects while they are in depressed state. The vague discomfort of depression comes on body because mind does not have the rational answers to the situations in its memory. Providing rational solutions to the situations by proper counselling is the key to this menace.