So you have lost your tooth or many teeth. The idea of wearing a removable denture scares you and getting healthy teeth grinded in order to get fixed bridge also doesn’t appeal to you as such. Don’t worry, dental implants are the boon that developments in technology have endowed the human race which gives you a perfect replica of your original teeth, in both looks and feel.

Dental implants are basically a structure which is shaped like your natural tooth root, made up of highly biocompatible material called “TITANIUM” (the same one which is used in making cardiac pacemakers). This is placed in your jawbone, in place of the root of your original tooth, and following an initial healing period of a few months, gets fused to the jaw bone. A tooth can then be fixed over the dental implant, without worrying about grinding adjacent teeth. A specialist who is trained to carry out this surgical procedure can give you the best treatment regarding placement of implants as well as fixing artificial teeth over it with most precision and durability.

Through dental implants it is possible to fix teeth where otherwise conventional partial dentures do not give much success rates. It can also be used to replace entire toothless jaws with much superior comfort and function than a conventional removable complete denture.

While having a host of advantages over most of tooth replacement systems, it only has a certain limitation- the initial cost being a bit higher than other options as well as the time taken for initial healing after which the tooth gets fixed. So before going ahead with replacing your missing teeth, ask your dentist today about dental implants!