If there is anything permanent in life, then its ‘change’. Why? It's not easy to adjust to changes, it takes so much of an effort, time and energy.

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature and to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”

So, we can’t escape from change so let’s accept the change. When a couple gets married, they are getting into something they know about nothing. When it’s about marriage all of us have multiple feelings like some are excited, some are anxious and tensed while some can strike a balance between both. Marriage is all about togetherness. Marriage is a partnership. The couple not only shares problems and stresses but benefits and emotions too. Along with love, intimacy and fun, marriage brings in lots of challenges. These challenges include dealing with differences in opinion, finances, in-laws, children and so on. People face issues in their married life because; they are expecting it to run on automatic. They think it will hang together through no effort of their own; unfortunately, it won’t. It must be created.   

Some quick tips to keep love alive:

1. Express yourself: You will be best understood only if you share your ideas and opinions. Your spouse is just a spouse and not a mind reader. So, do not expect yourself to be understood without expressing.           

2. Decide on together time: In this busy lifestyle we all find it very difficult to find some time out. But make it a rule, every day you’ll give half an hour to each other. Do not use this time to discuss past issues or crib about the environment. 

3. Be appreciative: Appreciate every little thing you like about your spouse. It works as a motivation for your spouse to keep doing little things for you.

4. Write short notes: Periodically, write a short note to your spouse expressing your feelings and love. 

5. Activity once a week: Indulge in some games, dance, sports or similar activities together. Find out one such activity which both of you can enjoy together and religiously do it once a week.