What is Lipoma?

This happens when a lump of fat starts to grow in the soft tissue of your body. Though they’re classified as tumors, they’re usually harmless.


Exact cause is still unknown.


Lipoma usually appear as small, soft lumps. They’re usually less than 2 inches wide. Sometimes, more than one will develop. When you press, it may feel doughy. It will move easily with finger pressure. They don’t normally hurt, though they can cause pain if they bump up against nearby nerves or have blood vessels running through them. In very rare cases, a lump may be a type of cancer called a liposarcoma, which grows rapidly and can be painful.

Common locations include upper back, shoulders, arm, thighs and abdomen.

Treatment: Liposuction is another option if the lipoma is soft and has a small. Liposuction typically results in less scarring however, with large lipomas it may fail to remove the entire tumor, which can lead to regrowth. People move towards lipoma surgery mainly due to cosmetic disfigurement. This has tendencies to appear again. Diet control , fat loss treatment and homeopathic medicines provides higher chances of recovery .

Role of Homeopathy:

Lipoma is entirely curable with the use of internal Homeopathic medicines without any application of external painful measures. Treating lipoma remains constitutional — constitution is basically the symptom picture formed by conjoining the mental and physical symptom peculiarities found in each individual case. No one single homeopathic remedy is effective for everyone with lipoma. Correct choice of remedy is important to provide lasting relief. 

From our practical experience, we had seen treating lipoma is slow and continuous process, as melting our superficial fat doesn’t become easy if patient doesn't follow proper diet. Thus we do fat loss program which is 25 days treatment and then go ahead with normal medication. This minimises the time period for treating lipoma. The growth starts becoming flat and gradually does not show above the skin. 

For few patients we have witnessed lipoma completely cured in just fat loss with homeo program, as lipoma is just a fat deposition under skin. 

  • It helps in reducing size, growth and pain of lipomas.
  • It helps in preventing the progression of condition.
  • It also helps in preventing furthermore complications 
  • Helps in softening the consistency of lipomas so that they can be easily movable.
  • It also prevents the tendency for Lipoma Formation in future. 
  • No side effect or surgery.