Hale and hearty

The health benefits of laughter are simply endless. Having a good laugh will not only give your heart a bit of a workout, it will also burn calories and boost your immune system. So more earth-shaking laughter, the better! Laughter has also been proven to relax your muscles, reduce physical pain, and improve circulation by shooting more oxygen into your blood. Those who laugh daily would swear that it reduces blood sugar levels too.

The kind of laughter your weighing scale will love

You must know that a muffled snigger is not going to do anything for you. If you want to really give your insides a workout, think bouts and fits. Kick back and let loose in a rip-roaring, rib-tickling session of pure, unadulterated laughter so loud that it gives the neighbors cause to complain! It's that kind of explosion of giggles that will lose you up to 50 calories per day if indulged in for just 15 minutes. It also tones up your abdominal muscles while you're at it.

When you mean business

You've tried joke books, comedy movies, cartoons, and even paid a visit to your funniest friend, but you're still not able to get it right? Try laughing clubs or laughter yoga, also called hasyayoga. With lots of different varieties and the necessary tips and training, you'll soon be laughing your way to a lower clothes size. Get connected with best Nutritionist to lose weight.

Cheap and cheerful, laughter costs you nothing and earns you a lot of joy. It has no side effects, nor does it cause any harm to the environment. What's more, we feel great about ourselves when we are happy and positive from the inside. For most, that inner motivation means a lot when it comes to weight loss, and makes all the difference.