Jaundice is yellowish discoloration of the sclera of eye, It occur due to excess biliary pigments accumulation, When Red blood cells are destroyed these pigments are produced in the liver and secreted in the bile; Bile produced in the liver reaches to duodenum part of small intestine through the common bile duct (a tube connecting from liver to duodenum), Whenever there is obstruction in this passage of bile from liver to duodenum it is called as obstructive or surgical jaundice; Obstruction can occur at any point at this passage and the reason for obstruction can be either intrinsic or external compression of the bile duct; Intrinsic factor include such as biliary stricture, Stones in the common bile duct or intraluminal mass causing obstruction; There can be any external mass which may compress the bile duct from outside and may cause obstruction

Patient present with jaudice, dark colored urine, the feature which distinguish it from medical jaundice is pale colored stools, patient may have ithching and anorexia

Liver function test revel predominant raised conjugated bilirubin level, Ultrasound abdomen can confirm the cause of jaundice as obstructive and can also tell the site and cause of obstruction

Treatment depends on the cause of obstruction and managed accordingly

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