Hormones are an important and often confusing topic. They can literally make or break how we feel. Hormones relate to stress, anxiety, joy, happiness, energy, metabolism, digestion, sleep, sexual function, fertility and almost every other human function. These days we have taken extreme steps to balance our hormones by taking synthetic hormone supplements.

We have gone the route of synthetic chemicals, synthroid or elthroxine(synthetic thyroid hormone), birth control pills, Hormone Replacement Therapy ( synthetic estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) and now to the confusing world of “bio-identical” and “natural” hormones.

The problem with using synthetic hormones externally is that it will suppress the natural function of the gland. It’s like telling the body that it does not need to produce the hormone anymore and the gland shuts down and atrophies. USE IT OR LOSE IT. That’s why people taking a synthetic thyroid supplement have to keep on increasing dosage as their thyroid gland gets weaker and weaker.

Hormone replacement therapy offers a quick temporary relief, but at a cost. Merely masking symptoms that are associated with decreased hormone production has potential side effects. Just keeping the symptoms at bay by introducing extra hormones without removing the reasons why hormone production is unbalanced, can have happy wheels demo long-term consequences.

One often ignored area is the emotional aspect of hormones. Hormones are the physical messengers of our thoughts and feelings. For every thought we think, we make a neurotransmitter (hormone) in the brain that informs every cell of our body what we were thinking. Emotional states, withheld anger, frustration, fear, not feeling worthy enough, are thoughts that have a physical aspect (e-motion, or energy in motion). The endocrine hormones fluctuate according to how we feel about our self and our world. They are less physically controlled than most people assume or believe.

Our bodies are wonderful and Mother Nature has given us many amazing gifts to heal our hormones. Nourishing the body with real food is important but we often forget about peace, deep breathing, exercise, loving others, kind words, saying no to negativity, nature walks, prayer, going to bed on time, unplugging the electronics, lighting candles, vacations on the beach, sunshine and playtime. All these things are very powerful in healing our hormones but are sadly forgotten in our busy lives.

Life is all about choices we make. May this year we choose nature, May this year we choose rejuvenation and healing!

To a healthier and hormonally balanced you!