You need to listen to your body. Often it is trying to tell you something and catching problems early could be of great benefit to your health. One symptom to watch out for is a  Persistant sweet taste in the mouth..

Possible cases of a Persistant sweat taste in the mouth:

1. Dietary reasons A poor diet that causes deficiencies could result in a sweet taste in the mouth. The main deficiencies that can cause this include a lack of vitamin B, folic acid, and zinc. A diet that is high in acidic or sugary foods can also cause a sweet taste.

2. Poor oral hygiene Food that remains stuck between teeth and poor brushing and flossing can also result in a sweet taste as these foods break down in the mouth.

3. Diabetes One of the more common causes of a sweet taste in the moth is diabetes.

4. Infections There are a number of infections that can lead to an ongoing sweet taste in the mouth. Bacteria and viruses can alter the sense of smell as well as taste and cause the sweet sensation.

5. Neurological Disorders 

6. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disorder (GERD) Digestive enzymes from the stomach can reflux into the throat or food pipe as a result of GERD. This can result in a sweet taste in the mouth.

 7.Ketosis  ketosis can occur which a fat breakdown that leads to a chemical release.  Acetone is a byproduct of this process and will lead to a sweet taste and odor in the mouth.Low carb diets which have become very popular could also cause ketosis with the same results.

8. Pregnancy Pregnancy leads to many changes in the body including acid reflux and other gastrointestinal issues. These can cause a sweet sensation in the mouth.The symptoms may come and go should go away once the baby is born.

9. Cancer Many forms of cancer, particularly lung cancer can result in low sodium levels and change the sense of taste, often resulting in a sweet taste in the mouth.

10. Medications There are a number of medications that have a side effect of causing a sweet taste in the mouth. Blood pressure medication and chemotherapy are examples.