Being overweight is not a sign of being affluent as believed in the ancient days. Obesity is a disease, a multi-system disease actually, as it can involve all the systems of our body. It is better, to understand this reality as soon as possible. Besides being functionally compromised, there are multiple morbidities that have this common causative factor. Diabetes, Hypertension (High Blood pressure), Daytime somnolence or Obstructive sleep Apnoea, Arthritis, Infertility to name a few. It is said that obesity involves head to toe and believe me, it is absolutely true. Even some cancers (e.g Colorectal cancers) are proved to be related to obesity. Check your BMI (Body Mass Index) and decide if you need any intervention. BMI is an index derived from the weight and height of the person. It is calculated by dividing the body weight by the square of the body height and is generally expressed in units of kg/m2.  Obesity can be controlled with Lifestyle Modification and non-surgical means at the initial stage, after a certain level, surgery (Bariatric/ Weight Loss Surgery) is the only resort. In fact, proper selection of patient is of utmost importance for a successful outcome of the surgery.