Ayurveda is part of alternative medicineAs today, there are many people who are vary of harmful side effects of modern medicines (Allopathy), there has been a growing so-called ‘trend’ of ancient holistic medicines such as Ayurveda in western countries. We Indians have a bad habit of accepting things which arise or develop in western countries. For e.g we didn’t accepted ‘Kalripayat’ (form of ancient fighting skillset), until it was converted into ‘Karate’ by Japanese monk and made famous by Hollywood in early 80’s. Same ‘trend’ is being carried with Ayurveda, people doesn’t realize strength of our own system until any outsider tells its worth. Another such example is ‘ghee’. For many years allopathy doctors have been advising to avoid ‘ghee’ for cholesterol problems on basis of their previous study, but recent studies have shown that ‘cow ghee’ contains high density lipids which are necessary for human body and also important factor for reducing harmful cholesterol, which Ayurveda had been advising for so long. 

Comparatively modern science is very young and developing and is incomplete science. It only believes seen knowledge which in Ayurveda is stated as “Pratyaksha praman”. Modern medical science needs to develop because it is incomplete. Whereas Ayurveda is a complete science, I am not stating that research should not be done or can’t be done in Ayurveda, but like numbers in mathematics (0-9), it is all. All other numbers are permutation and combinations of these. Even basic maths like plus, minus, multiply, divide are researched and proved themselves over period of time, no matter how much research is done now it is not going to change. Same is the case with Ayurveda no matter what you research, it is a science which has been researched and proven (e.g. no one can add even 1 doshas in existing 3 doshsas or substract one).

Even the word Ayurveda itself is very meaningful –“Aayu   + ved = Ayurveda (Life) + (Science) = Science of life. As the name suggests Ayurveda has very detailed description of every aspect of not only health but of life.

Everyone today refers to Ayurveda as alternative and to some extent lower level or poor science and is frowned upon. Just because western thinking doesn’t accept or know any other science doesn’t make it less important. Many Indian doctors have termed Ayurveda as old, outdated and non-scientific. Worst part, they spread this to patient without any true knowledge about it. YES Ayurveda is old but does that make it non-scientific?

"Humans are afraid of the unknown”

Just like any other science i.e physics, chemistry etc. Ayurveda has its postulations, assumptions, theories, and then field applications to prove those theories. In fact Ayurveda has been gradually developing science rather than a one person contribution.

How can a science of around 5000 years termed ‘Alternative'? If Ayurveda is approached as first choice many regular and bigger health problems can be avoided before it even happens. Why to Cure, when we can Prevent it from happening? So instead of being afraid of it, get to know Ayurveda. Experience the beauty of natural healing.