Reason of Insomnia is unnecessary alertness in bed. 

The body obeys the commands coming from the mind!

Naturally, when it is your sleeping time, the brain secrets hormones for enhancing sleep. You must have observed many people falling asleep even without their own noticing. The body obeys the commands coming from the mind. It relaxes, eyes start shutting and the person passes in the sleeping state. 

Sensing Insecurity Makes You Alert!

Insecurity like disturbing sound from kitchen, will make you become alert. The sleep will run away. You will find out the reason for the insecurity. once satisfied that the insecurity is taken care of, you will fall asleep.

Flight Or Fight Response!

Let us understand what happened when insecurity was noticed by your brain and mind. Orders were passed to the body to become ready to fight or flight. This process involved stimulation of the sympathetic autonomic nervous system. Your body got tense from head to toe to combat the insecurity. Once the insecurity was turned into security, the alarming messages to the sympathetic nervous system were stopped. The peaceful parasympathetic nervous system started working again. It brought peace on your body from head to toe. Then the time bound sleep just occurred effortlessly.

Memories Of Anxious Moments!

Every person has memories of some bad and anxious moments. Thoughts arise from memories. Obviously the thoughts are regarding how to avoid such situations in future. They bring sense of insecurity to mind and body. Automatically, as a response to insecurity alertness is produced in mind and body. This process makes sleep run away. These insecurities are arising from memories of the past getting projected in future. There is nothing to be done actively in present tense. Only number of plannings can be done. As the insecurity is not in the present tense, nothing can be done to undo it at this moment. Everything can be done only in the coming future. 

Unnecessary Plannings!

These plannings are unnecessary. You have experienced the escape plan from such situations already. The escape plan is registered in your memory just like driving memories. You will drive the car automatically when you sit in driving seat. Similarly you will use the escape plan in a still better way automatically if the situations repeat.

Thoughts Don't Need Attention Or Manipulations! 

Still the thoughts will keep on coming. But now you know that they don't need attention or manipulations. Now you won't stop and scrutinize them. So they will just flow. The thoughts are never to be taken seriously. They are just messenger letters from mind. You can't change the matter in the letters. It has no meaning. You need to address mind, and not the thoughts. Ignore thoughts, concentrate on mind. Divert and involve it in the present tense objects near you. 

The Trick To Fall asleep!

The trick to fall asleep is to bring your attention from the imaginary thoughts to the factual present. You have your body, a pillow, bed sheet, bed, cot, book, television, wife, husband, etc to experience in detail. Feel them in detail. 

You will not even notice when you fell asleep. Your partner will tell you in the morning about your heavy snoring.

Anxiety, Panic Attacks And Depression Has Cure By Creating New Mind!

Smile my dear friends. Mind has been demystified. We know the definition, creation and manipulation of mystic mind now. It works on the science of creation, manipulation and retrieval of memories. Mind can be changed and recreated with scientific planning for bringing peace from anxiety, panic and depression. See you soon with other psychosomatic issues and their easy remedies.