Jhoot Bole Kauwa Kate!!! 

Misconceptions are fun as long as you don't confuse it with facts. Many of us believe something as true all our life; till one day we find that they are nothing but illusions. Conception is one of those beliefs most of us take for granted; until the day rolls around when we decide we want children and experience trouble conceiving?

Get to know what is real and you'll obviously have a better understanding of your own fertility and how it works. 

Here are top 5 Misconceptions about Conception that should perk up your ears –

1. Focus on 14!!!

Women with 28 day cycle ovulate on Day 14

The 28 days long menstrual cycle in not universal, so is the conception that ovulation happens on Day 14. The magic of Day 14 is considered to always work out as it is regarded as the best day to conceive. It is important to understand that no 2 cycles are exactly the same: yours could be 30 days and your sister is could be 25 days and both of you’re sure to not ovulate on Day 14. Only the women who have 28 day cycle ovulate on Day 14, 65% of women ovulate outside of days 13 – 15.

2. No Expiry date for Men!!!

No Expiration Date !!! Is it possible?

With the entire internet harping about the tick tock biological clock of women, it’s oft forgotten that fertility in men too declines with age. It is coolly assumed that men can wait their whole life to become dads; not true. The 2014 study has shown that children born to fathers over 45 have more risk of autism, bipolar disorder and ADHD. Also, a woman is more likely to have miscarriage if the sperm is from a man above 45.

3. Fixed Expiry Date for Women!!!

Get this fact straight: Fertility declines with age

Use them or lose them is what the media shout. Every woman is served with a wake-up call every now and then. Fertility does decline with age in women, but it just doesn’t happen overnight. You eggs don’t suddenly disappear on your 30th Birthday. There is a steady and slow drop in your fertility from 27 years. However, after 35 years there is a steep decline.

4. Wait for a Year!!!

 There's no single rule that applies to all in case of infertility

The definition of infertility sometimes seems to be too strict wherein couples before 35 years of age are expected to wait for a year before visiting a doctor for fertility issues. The time to wait before seeing a fertility specialist should be individualised on basis of other factors like irregular periods, painful periods, history of miscarriages, smokers and so on and so forth. In presence of these factors, it is advisable to have a fertility fitness check.

5. Healthy people are fertile!!!

Remember: You can Botox your face, not your eggs

Being young and being healthy will invite less trouble; True. But this may not always be the case when it comes to fertility. Fitness may be an important consideration for pregnant women but not always for the ones who are yet to get pregnant. Looking healthy and beautiful may not always suggest optimum fertility; remember you can botox your face but not eggs. This stands true for men too. It can come as a shock to healthy men to find that they may have less or no sperm in semen inspite of having peak fitness.

The lack of understanding about the basic facts about fertility can begin to invade even the most reasonable persons thinking and can lead to fear and irrational decision making. It is important to get your Doctors help to demystify fiction from facts.