Immediate implants  work best for teeth in the front of the mouth.  It also works very well if you are missing all your teeth and is most successful if you are having implants for your whole lower jaw.  When the dental implants are put in, dentist would make a temporary tooth or whole set of teeth right on the spot.  You would walk out of my office with teeth not gaps. The temporary teeth will look, feel and work like your regular teeth.

You have a big role in the success of this awesome procedure.  Dentist will tell you, that you have to be committed to a soft diet for about 3 months. Even though a tooth is made on the immediate, same day implant, it still has to fuse to your bone. This is called "osseointegration."  If you can’t commit yourself to this, immediate loading or immediate temporaries are not for you. It has a high risk of failure if you chew harder foods too early. All of the implants can fail.

If it were just one tooth, like your front and center upper tooth, dentist would make the immediate temporary so it doesn’t touch the bottom teeth. This further prevents the chance of using the tooth too early.

Some of the important factors in determining if immediate loading can be done are:

  • Bone density
  • Amount of bone
  • Initial stability of the implants
  • Shape and type of gum
  • Implant design and type
  • Your bite