Dentistry has come a long way & the most foreseeable treatment plan to replace missing teeth is Dental Implant. However, the biggest concern about the success of implants in the anterior region is esthetics.

The two prime factors for the implant success in esthetic zone, are the amount of alveolar bone present and soft tissue around the implant. The objective criteria for any kind of dental treatment justifying esthetics are gingival health, gingival zenith, tooth long axis, tooth characterization, surface texture & color, interdental contact point, incisal edge configuration, lower lip line, smile symmetry, midline & occlusal plan orientatin. Out of all these factors gingival zenith is an important factor to look for which affects others, because without its control the dental implant esthetics can be compromised.

Therefore,in order to maintain an harmonious relationship between intra oral components such as tooth shape, size, shade, position, gingival architecture level along with extra oral components such as smile line, vertical component of the face are rudimentary to dental esthetics & should be evaluated clinically before implant placement. Post extraction a cascade of healing process results in 25% of bone resorption. This process ultimately leads to resorption jeopardizing esthetics.

Hence the process to salvage the bone resorption begins with atraumatic resorption where the buccal bone is not lost and placement of immediate implants becomes quite easy.

At the same time implants placed immediately after extraction maximizes preservation of the remaining bone structure, maintaineance of soft tissue profile through temporary provisional, decreased total number of surgical phases and reduction for comprehensive time.

This procedure has become a routine since they have as much as survival rates as compared to implants placed post extraction. This protocol of immediately placing implants is widely accepted by the clinicians especially by the patients with maximum comfort & short treatment duration. Amidst all the procedures the most important criteria probably for the best outcome are intact bone wall & an ideal implant position.