Well, in the last 16 years of practice, I have seen a lot changing. Nowadays, people are lot more aware especially about their aesthetic appearance. This growing need to look good and feel good has also given rise to many myths. Sometimes I wonder, has the ease of achieving goals in short period become so important that the truth has taken a back seat?

Last month Seema (name changed) came to me, and said, “Doctor I want my glow back, my skin has become patchy, its dull. Before this I had clear skin. Tell me which cream should I use? Last time my friend did some procedure and I want to do the same." I could see what Seema was going through, and she, like many others wanted just one magical cream and one miracle procedure that would make all her problems disappear. However, was she ready to understand the basics of her skin, the requirements of care and what is achievable or not?

Therefore, I decided to dispel all her ideas about beauty treatments.

When you say, "I want to look good" what does it mean?

You may be bothered by the dull look but the problem may be patchy pigmented skin, fine lines, large pores, previous acne scars, dryness etc. So one has to understand that each problem originates from different layer of skin. e.g. pigmentation is in upper layer of skin called the epidermis, fine lines are due to collagen and elastin which is in the middle layer of skin called the dermis, and large open pores are due to wider opening of oil glands called sebaceous glands. If you have deep wrinkles it could be due to muscle activity. The loose skin could be due to dermal skin or muscle thinning or fat loss or even bone loss. There are so many things that have to be considered.

If you prioritize and solve the core problem first, and then proceed with a treatment plan that corrects all the other issues simultaneously, it would reveal more satisfying results. Moreover, you can maintain a better skin, and longer!