Winters can be harsh for infants and parents are often worried about their newborn baby’s health and occurrence of seasonal illnesses. Wrapping your baby in blankets is not enough to keep them away from winter woes. Here are some tips to keep your child healthy and smiling during winters:


Before bathing your child, check if the water is at optimum temperature. Check by putting your elbow into the water. It should neither be too hot nor too cold. Use best quality soap and dry baby properly between all skin folds to avoid any bacterial growth and rashes. Moisturising the skin with a good moisturiser or oil is equally essential to avoid cracks and keeping your baby’s skin soft and plump.


Layer your baby’s clothes. Make sure they wear good and soft fabrics only to avoid any kind of discomfort. Make them wear a cap, socks and cover their chest area properly to avoid getting viral infections.


Massage is known to improve blood circulation and help them grow strong. It is recommended to massage them before bathing. Good quality baby oil should be used to massage the baby. Gentle and circular motion movements should be done by placing the baby in a comfortable position.

Maintain hygiene

Keep your baby’s surroundings clean and dust free to avoid flu and infections. Regularly clean their beddings and blankets. Touch them only after washing your hands and make sure that they don’t drool and make their clothes wet which can cause infections. You may also need to change their diapers more frequently in winters.


Vaccines are very important to keep your baby away from seasonal diseases and flu. Consult your vaccination doctor about seasonal vaccines to be given to your child. Never get late for their vaccines as it makes your child vulnerable to serious diseases.