When it comes to sustainable weight loss, slow and steady is inevitably the key to success, however unattractive it may sound. This translates into a slight calorie reduction, most days over long periods of time. For example, a 300-500 calorie reduction each day over three to four weeks is likely to result in ½ -1 kg of weight loss each week or 3-5 kg each month which is not insignificant. 

So if you are keen to shed a few kilos before attending a wedding , here are some easy ways to slash 550 calories from you day in ways that you will barely notice.

1. Reduce the number of your tea/coffee and no sugar please.

Stick to only one cup of tea/coffee in the morning. If you want more then only green tea/ black coffee.  Ditch the sugar & save 50 calories.

2. Limit your bread/roti at dinner

 Rather than having 2 chapatis /bread at your dinner, limit it to one. Save 75 calories.

3. Drop fatty spreads on your bread/roti

Avoid butter roti/naan when eat outside. Do you know that a single tablespoon of mayo contains 100 calories, tomato sauce 20 calories , so avoid them in your sandwiches & that will save you at least 50 calories on a daily basis and much more if you eat out regularly. Save 50 calories.

4. Cut your meat/chicken portions

Loading up your plate with vegetables and salad and halving the size of your meat or chicken serve will save you at least 150 calories per meat or chicken based meal. Save 150 calories.

5. Ditch the filler carbs at dinner

White rice, large serves of pasta, sweet deserts are strictly no for dinner. These foods may add the energy rich foods needed to fuel the muscles of active people, but for the majority of sedentary individuals we do not need these heavy foods at night. Swap this part of your meal for extra vegetables each night and save at least 100 calories. Save 100 calories.

6. Eat one less snack

While we may need a light snack to get us through the long time period between lunch and dinner. But if we plan an early lunch or eat breakfast especially early will need a morning snack. In fact, for most of us a few berries and a cup of tea / or buttermilk will tide us over until lunchtime. Save 100 calories.

7. Buy portion controlled treats

Chances are you like to enjoy a little treat occasionally or when you are out—biscuits/cookies;ice-cream; chocolate; pastries; sweets— all foods which can form part of a calorie controlled diet when portions are controlled. So, if you enjoy something sweet while you are watching your favorite TV show, purchase only portion controlled treats that give 100 calories or less per serve. Save 100 calories.

8. Go for an extra vegetable or veggie juice

If you are consuming more than 2 pieces of fruit, or fruit juice each day, simply swapping to a vegetable or vegetable juice will save you another 100 calories. Save 100 calories.

9. Go for low alcohol wine or beer if you cannot abstain

The calories consumed via multiple glasses of wine or schooners of beer can add up.A simple swap to a low alcohol variety of wine or beer at least a few times each week can save you 20-30 calories per glass. Save 50-100 calories.

10. Add a low calorie meal in each day

Salads,vegetable/prawn stir fries, and soups are exceptionally low in calories and when used to form the base of meals can ½ the number of calories per meal. Basing one meal each day around these light options will likely save you 200-300 calories in a single meal. Save 200 calories.