The Negative Thoughts are starts with just a feeling or thoughts or it may be a sentences spoken by someone else. if we hear Try, Try, Try Again... definitely we will not fall into negative thoughts

Here are some simple tips to overcome it:

  • Live in Present. Not in Past or Future 

Its easy to fall into negative thoughts when you think about what people may say or think about you. But, the truth is people really dont have time to focus on you. so, dont, stay in the past. Enjoy each moment of life.

  • Refresh Yourself

             Feeling refreshed will naturally make positive thoughts come to life again. you can go for massage, exercise, be kind, sing in a craziest way... surely it will help. Give yourself a little love.

  • Smile Always

            Bring smile on your face, it really helps to change your mood and relieve stress. you also feel lighter because it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown.  

  • Make Yourself with Positive Energy

     surround yourself into positive people. read magazines and hear a song, which bring a positive into life.

  • Meditation

               Last but not least.; Meditation is such awonderfull gift to overcome negative thoughts, Focus the breadth, and enjoy the depth of meditation.


"Pain can make you give up completely, or Pain can make you start over again. Its totally up on you"