Present day every individual is suffering from abdominal disorders like reflux, food pipe burning, apthous ulcers in mouth, indigestion, bloatedness low apetite etc. Ultimately they end up with stomach ulcers, gastritis and liver problems.

Common cause for all this problems are lifestyle, emotions, pshycological and physiological stress, wrong diet plans, pollution and chemical induced in form of foods preservatives and additives.

Indigestion is oftenly neglected masked with some H2 blockers like pantoprazole like drugs which neutralises acidic nature of foods, inturn ending with stomach ulcers, heart burns, fatty liver, and bad digestive health.

Causes of indigestion include over eating, oily foods, spicy foods, stress, fatigue, excessicve smoking and drinking, less water intake.

How to put and end to it and management:

1. Drink luke warm water after food intake. Especially after heavy meals and fatty food.

2. Start the day with green apple pulp after steaming it having in empty stomach protects mucous membranes of stomach.

3. Ginger is an excellent remedy for indigestion it can be munched in slices or taken in tea aids in digesting stubborn fat pep up metabolism.

4. Tulsi or Basil leaves which drive away the intestinal gases and reduce bloating. Make a paste using 5-6 leaves, add pinch of salt, pepper and 2-4 spoons of yoghurt. Consume 2-3 times a day.

5. AJWAIN - take one spoon full of it and chew it after heavy meal.

6. JEERA - cumin seeds aids in secretion of pancreatic enzymes grind them and add the powder to a glass of water as digestive drink.

7. BAKING SODA acts like antacid can be consumed by stirring of half tea spoon soda with glass of water whch neutralise acids, better than regular magnesium antacids syrups available with doctors prescriptions.

8. Always complete your dinner 3 hours before going to bed which reduces your gases and also maintains normal metabolic rate thus avoids Pot Bellys.

9. Meditate or do regular physical activity to aid in proper organ functions and enzymatic secretions.