Indeed Diwali is one of the most joyous festivals celebrated across the country with huge pomp and show. There are different ways of celebrating the festival and as can be seen in Delhi, the population depends largely on bursting crackers to mark the festival. We would recommend you to minimize the use of crackers for the safety of your family. Firecrackers burnt during Diwali enormously increase air pollution which causes discomfort and pain for the elderly and new born, and is a cause of great discomfort for the rest of the population as well. As Diwali is nearing, let’s have a quick look on some points on how to deal with Air Pollution post Diwali:

Avoid going out

Air toxicity is known to rise drastically after Diwali, especially in Delhi. Try to stay indoors post festivities to minimize inhalation of toxic gases. If you have any lung infection or heart disease it is mandatory to stay indoors for at least a week, to make sure the condition isn’t worse. New born babies and children should also be kept away from it, even if it means a couple of days off from the school.

Use face mask

If it is not possible to stay indoors, use face masks to avoid harm caused by pollution. Also maximally cover your body to stop toxic gases to harm your body by diffusing into your skin. Elderly people should wear charcoal mask as their lung efficiency is lesser than that of young adults.

Use air purifier

If there is high amount of air pollution and low visibility in your area, consider buying an air purifier so that you can at least breathe in clean air while at your home. Air humidifiers are also helpful in reducing pollution and especially helpful for asthma and COPD patients.

Avoid burning firecrackers

Firecrackers can be fun but they harm our environment and our health in a long run. To save humankind from aggravation of lung diseases, it is the need of the hour to control the pollution by contributing our bit. Direct contact with these firecrackers can also be a reason for many diseases, as you touch and burn harmful chemicals from proximity.In case you experience extreme coughing or other symptoms raised by the air pollution, you must visit your nearest hospital. If it’s middle of the night or any other time and you feel adverse symptoms like excessive vomiting and unstoppable cough, you should visit a 24 hrs open hospital instead of waiting till morning or next day.