Here are 4 Simple and effective steps to work through times of Stress leading to feelings of Frustration:

In today’s day and age where stress is high, feelings of frustration can emerge. It is our perception that can change our current negative situation into a healthy and positive one. Another way of perceiving these feelings of frustration can be by looking at them as an opportunity to push ourselves to go that little extra mile until we achieve our objective. However, there are times when we all can go around in circles; and being in this space can be quite upsetting and lead to feelings of dissatisfaction, frustration and can even cloud our mind and judgment. To ensure that this stage is not reached, here are a few simple steps one can approach these feelings of frustration with and eventually overcome them:-

  1. Be present in the Now: When one feels frustrated, we have a tendency to overthink and that too about many different things. It may momentarily occupy our mind but not in a constructive manner. We have a tendency to dissect all the past events in our minds and psychoanalyze ourselves, others and all situations related to the event or even remotely resembling it. The best thing to do at this point is to bring yourself back into the present moment, by calming yourself, center your thoughts on what is presently going on around you. You can do so in the following ways:
  2. Relax into the Now: Find a space to sit comfortably, close your eyes and simply concentrate on the live events happening in your environment around you for a minute or two. Take a nice deep breathe, inhale and exhale, in through your nose and out through your mouth, very good, continue... Become aware of all that is happening around you at present- The sun shining in the sky above you, the children playing out in the garden, the vehicles or the individuals passing by. Take in all the details. Relax into this space, in the now.
  3. Be Happy and Grateful for What You Have At Present: Make a list of all that you have in your life that make you happy, joyous or even just comfortable. Things that we sometimes take for granted. Be grateful and happy as you make this list, this is all that is positive and good in our life, Smile... It's Real! A few examples are:-
    - A warm home and a roof over your head
    - Clean drinking water
    - Clean, nutritious, healthy food
    - Access to the internet and other forms of technology that make life easy
    - Your loved ones
  4. The Point of Power is in The Present Moment: Sometimes anger, stress and feelings of frustration can block out all that truly matters, all that is positive and good in our lives, even when it is right in front of us. It is important and very beneficial to remember that the point of power is in the Now! The present moment is when you pen down your thoughts, try to trace the root cause of your negative emotions, of the feelings of frustration.

When you know the root of the problem, finding a solution becomes easy. List out possible solutions and create an action plan. Take back your power!Take this time to relax, breathe, unwind and introspect. When you feel that you are better and ready to roll, get back up on your feet again and Shine!