Why people are unable to control weight – simple answer is because they overeat.This means to control weight they need to take as much calories of food as they can burn in physical activity. The extra calories are stored as body fat and thus results in excess weight .The energy equation is:

More amount of calories in than the amount of energy out = weight gain

– Anything which is Fat Free or even sugar free is also fattening. The body just understands ‘FOOD’ as a whole and it doesn’t understand food into its parts like fats, carbs, and protein. So,any type of food if taken in excess will eventually be converted into fat, may it be a Churmura or a cheese!

– Try and avoid late dinners. You eat after ‘eight’ you gain lot of ‘weight’.

– Eat veggies, fruits and salads in moderation; use nuts and whole milk products sparingly when on weight control after weight loss.

– Physical activity is something like a “refresh” button which is present in your computers. when the body gets refreshed it starts working better and also starts looking better. Hence,any physical activity for 90 mins to 120 mins in a day is required for a weight control and healthy lifestyle.

– Having a balance between your food intake and your physical activity is the key to a weight control. Each is important for having optimum weight and health. Behaviour modification and lifestyle changes to make that balance is of utmost importance.

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