The recovery period or the time required to heal from bulging disc is variable and depends on various factors. It basically depends on a case to case basis. However there are certain factor that affect the healing process of the disc. 

Diet/NutritionThis plays a key role in deciding how soon an individual can heal from a bulging disc. Again, we can assume two  individuals with bulging disc in the same location and of the same severity.The one that takes a well balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables have a better chance of early recovery than the individual who does not adhere to a balanced diet.

Rehab Program: The exercise and rehab program formulated by the physician during the recovery phase of the treatment for bulging disc also has an important role to play when talking about how much time it would take to heal from bulging disc.An individual giving full effort to the rehab program to increase the strength and endurance is likely to have a faster recovery than an individual who does not give full effort in the exercise program. 

Severity of Bulge: The extent and severity of the disc bulge also is a factor when it comes to the healing time for bulging disc. If the disc bulge is small and is not impinging on a nerve root then in such cases the healing time is much faster than cases  where there is a severe disc bulge to an extent that it is impinging on the nerve roots and there is severe damage to the discs and vertebrae .

Lifestyle Modifications: This is also an important factor for the time taken to recovery from bulging disc.Avoidance of activities that may aggravate the condition is a must when it comes to recovering from a bulging disc.If an individual has a job which requires him or her to sit for prolonged periods of time or drive long distances then it will take longer time to heal from bulging discs when compared to those individuals who do not put so much stress on their spine so that their spine gets ample amount of time to recover and heal from the bulging discs. 

When your disc starts to leak fluid, it breaks through two barriers, an inner and outer layer (ANNULAR FIBROSIS) of cartilage. Each layer of cartilage has its own healing timeline. Typically, it takes three to four weeks for the fluid to stop leaking from the outer layer if someone is taking precaution regularly Keep in mind, this only applies if you start limiting the bad positions and promote those good positions. At this time, the point of leakage will scar over and trap the fluid within the outer layer. This is the point in treatment when you can start to tolerate sitting for a little longer. Over the next four weeks, the fluid will continue to work its way back toward the center of the disc, and eventually, the inner layer will scar over but you need to avoid the bending forward. This scarring traps the fluid back within the nucleus of the disc around the eight to twelve week mark. Activities, such as bending forward and lifting (with the proper form of course), should be relatively pain-free. When following the ideal plan, after about twelve weeks your disc is healed enough to tolerate impact, such as running or jumping. 

The best way to avoid having this discussion with a physical therapist is to prevent a disc injury occurring in the first place. Suffering a back injury may seem disastrous , however, it does not mean you will have back issues for the rest of your life. so do not get panic take precaution, regularly exercise, and under professional guidance disc will heal in 4 month completely