Yes psoriasis can be cured permanently but how can a patient know whether his eruptions are disappearing  for permanently or temporarily?

Through constitutional homeopathy treatment of Erithrodermic  psoriasis permanent cure must be place as follows :

1. Cracks must be come down with arresting of blood coming out from it.

2. Eruption on scalp must come down, if the scaling is thick it must be gradually thin then it           becomes powdery then with the time total disappearing of scaling etc.

3. After that eruptions on face and body must be come down, and at same time eruptions in hands & legs may increases with itching.

4. Eruptions on elbows reduces, then eruptions near to hands. at same time eruptions on legs itches more.

5. Lastly eruptions on legs will also disappeared.

During the total process of cure sleep must be good, and the bowel movement must be regular some times there  may be loos stools also.

Consult us to know how the cure takes place in pustular, planto- palmar psoriasis etc.