Each one of us is born with a body and mind. Here mind is the software which is the driver while body is the hardware or machine. We can readily notice the changes in our body as we grow. Our mind also is being shaped in parallel. The units which represent our mind are our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, behaviour & attitude. We aren't simply born with all these but build them as we grow. Our brain is being wired continuously by the way we interpret situations.

We tend to believe that the way our mind operates is out of our control. We also believe in the possibility of manipulating it to function in the way we want by using some medication. However we fail to see how in the world talk therapy can help. Most important thing we need to realize here is that brain is not just matter & it's going through continuous alteration with every single moment. It's being wired and rewired by us through our own thoughts, emotions, attitude & behaviour. It's absolutely in our control to architect our brain if we can understand it's current wiring and possible ways to rewire it. This is exactly what happens during Talk Therapy. 

A professional helps you understand the current wiring of your brain and also aids in the process of rewiring it in the way you want. Talk Therapy gives you better insight and mastery over your life, through your own mind.

Who all can benefit from Counseling.?

Anyone who wants to understand the manager called mind better and start using it exactly the way he/she likes, would benefit from counseling. It can help one deal with emotions better, to act intentionally & to stop ruminating and start thinking. It helps one create a better life from exactly where he/she stands whether it be with personal satisfaction, professional growth or relational fulfilment. We are social animals with the basic needs of an animal along with the need for acceptance from self and others. We also are progressive individuals, who wish to be intentional in our thoughts, emotions & actions. Counseling helps us cater effectively to both. It is not just about handling illness or disorder but also about creating prosperity or wellness.

Why do we Crave for Love, Caring and Understanding..?

We were born hear as feeble creatures whose existence and survival was a matter of love and care others showed towards us. As we grew up we gained the capacity to care for ourselves however within us somewhere is that child who continuously craves for  caring, love, understanding and acceptance. On one hand we wish for the independence which would free us towards eternal pleasure and on the other hand are scared of the anticipated and experienced pain of being disconnected from others. In this run of life balanced by the eternal forces of freedom and responsibilities, individuality & connectedness, what i want & what is accepted, security & variety,  belonging &  significance; there come several moments where we experience the stuck feeling. It is as if we have reached the dead-end and there is no turning back.

Beyond the dead ends...

Most of us admit to be in this place many a times. We usually manage to cross the hurdle and take the path of hope which was nowhere in the vicinity to begin with. The step ahead becomes evident when we view the situation, our own current perspective as well as many other overlooked possibilities from a vantage point and alter our perspective to grow with the situations rather than be beaten up by it or left behind. This transformation happens if we are willing to lend an ear to ourselves deeply & thoroughly or find another person who can listen & understand us. Who could be this person..? It could be anyone including life partner, friend or a relative.

Why do we hesitate to hold a hand..??

What usually happens before we turn to another person..?? We are scared. We rarely trust someone enough to open up without any barriers. We are scared about being judged by other person when we show our sensitive side. There is a turmoil in our mind. What if other person takes advantage of me? What if other person shows sympathy rather than understanding my perspective? Again,what about those feelings and thoughts of us, we ourselves do not understand, cannot control and dare not disclose even to ourselves.?

Taking that step....conquering Pain towards Progress

Well, what about the constant craving for more, the progress..!! Taking that step we always wanted however has not managed so far. How about the possibility to have that dream job, soaring health, fulfilling relationships, mesmerizing personality? How about adding more life to those moments..?? Isn’t it good if we could have a person around who truly cares and understands us and walks with us, in our journey of overcoming pain or personal advancement till we are ready..?? All the more good if the person is a professional who would neither judge us nor take advantage of us in any way. This person who would disappear in thin air once we are ready, leaving only the traces of endearing memories and the stronger us, all prepared to take the bull by its horns.

Psychological Counselings or Talk Therapy is about understanding the way one's mind is shaped and providing unconditional support  in reshaping it intentionally. Here one explores different areas of his/her life together with a professional to understand the bricks which have shaped him/her, hence being enabled to think, feel and act in the way which perfectly balances the individuality with togetherness and freedom with responsibility to build a satisfactory life for oneself. In a couple or family counselings the attention shifts from individual to the relational unit. In every case Talk therapy holds a promise for self-empowerment & conscious living through the means we consider too simplistic to trust, Talking ..!!

Reprinted from http://www.beyondrandomness.com/counseling-coaching-therapy.html

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