Are you suffering from diabetes? If yes, than it is time for you to be extra careful about your health. You must check your lifestyle and take efforts to get rid of diabetes as soon as possible.

Diabetes patients must strive to maintain fasting blood glucose levels less than 110 mg /dl and HB a1c level less than 7%. Also Diabetes patients should keep a check on blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Here's how diabetes can affect your overall health:

1. There is a correlation between blood pressure, cholesterol, levels and diabetes. Researchers have found that high bad cholesterol levels act as hindrance to insulin regulation.

2. Diabetes leads to impaired nerve function ( neuropathy) 

3. Nephropathy: long-term diabetes can cause damage to the kidneys as well 

4 Diabetes causes non injury amputations 

5 Retinopathy: diabetes can lead to blindness in adults patients 

Ayurvedic remedies for diabetes:

1. Plan your diet as it is one of the most important thing. Avoid sugar, fat potatoes, rice, alcohol 

Here is a list of useful herbs for diabetes management 

1. Jambhul (eugenia jambolana) powder from jamun core

2. Gurmar (gymnema sylvestre) 

3. Bitter gourd / bitter melon

4. Bel (Aegle marmelos)

5. Turmeric 

6. Neem 

7. Triphala 

8. Shilajit 

Apart from these basic natural foods, you must contact an Ayurvedic practitioner who will help you, not just in planning your diet but will suggest certain specific Ayurvedic medicines which will boost you efforts to control and manage diabetes.