Mouth ulcers are usually yellow or white in colour and have redness surrounding them. They usually occur due to reasons like eating lot of acidic or spicy foods, food allergies, poor dental hygiene, biting of the tongue or cheeks, stress, and even due nutritional deficiency of vitamin B and C. Usually, they heal within seven to 10 days.

Here are some remedies to seek relief from mouth ulcers:

1. Chew four to five leaves of holy basil (tulsi) and drink water. This helps to cure mouth ulcers.

2. Boil fenugreek (methi) leaves in some water. Take out the leaves and gargle the mouth with this water two to three times day.

3. Eating raw tomatoes is another remedy for ulcers. Also, gargle using tomato juice.

4. Another good tip is to mix a pinch of turmeric along with a teaspoon of glycerin. Apply this paste on the sores.

5. Take some coconut milk and gently massage the mouth ulcers.

6. Gargle with mouthwash everyday, before bedtime and preferably after lunch and dinner. It will not only prevent formation of mouth ulcers but also bad breath.

7. Apply toothpaste over the sores to treat them. Avoid drinking hot liquids like tea, coffee and avoid oily, spicy food. This will only aggravate the condition of the mouth ulcers.

8. Consume a diet that is rich in calcium and vitamin C, for e.g., foods like yogurt, milk, cottage cheese and orange juice.

9. Avoid eating non-vegetarian foods as they increase the level of acidity in the body.

10. Apply a paste of baking soda with water on the sores.