Post nasal drip is a rare condition in which the mucus drips at the back of the nose and throat. This problem could be very unpleasant and may disrupt your daily work. The condition can lead to a chronic sore throat or cough. The cause of post nasal drip could be an allergic reaction. Due to the allergy the nasal cavity gets irritated and  produces mucus. So here are some insights to post nasal drip and how to deal with it efficiently.

What cause the post nasal drip?

Post nasal drip is usually caused by allergy to a particular food; and you might have no idea what causes the allergy in your body.  Gluten and Dairy can cause post nasal drip.

How do I deal with post nasal drip?

  • Avoid food allergens: Try to avoid these allergens from your food and see the result. If you do not find any improvements then the cause could be something else. If you get noticeable relief, then you know what to avoid and what causes the allergy to your body. 
  • Avoid Air allergens: Avoid allergens present in the air like dust, smell, pollen, pollution, cigarette smoke which can cause the irritation of mucous membrane of the nose and results in the post nasal drip. 
  • Use air purifiers and humidifier.
  •  Consult an allergist
  •  Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. 
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol which cause dehydration
  •  Blow your nose to remove excess mucus from the nasal cavities
  •  Nasal syringing: This removes excess mucous and allergies out of the nasal cavities and sinuses. Use a 20ml empty syringe, remove its needle part. Now take 1 cup of warm water, add baking soda to it and a pinch of sea salt. Fill this liquid mixture in the syringe and fill it in the nasal cavity. This clears the sinuses and nasal cavities. This procedure can take some time to perfect but you will notice a huge relief after this procedure.