Modernization and fashion go hand in hand. High heels have been in fashion for a long time and are definitely here to stay. 

People especially ladies should opt to use these with caution and should be fully aware of pros and cons of wearing high heels for long duration.

Around 20% ladies wearing high heels land up with problems related to it. Knowledge and Timely intervention can help avoid serious complications. 

1) Claw toe is a common problem encountered with these

These are not only extremely painful but are also cosmetically less appealing.

2) Arthritis of small joints in foot

Prolonged usage of high heels may lead to early small joint arthritis. This initially was more common in the west, However, due to change in lifestyle in Asians, this is increasing in incidence here as well.

3) Excessive usage of high heels alter the biomechanics and balance in the body. The axis of weight transmission shifts in front and leads to more load on other joints like hips and knees.

4) The chances of ankle sprains increase by around 40% in people using high heels.

5) Crowding of Toes

This may lead to excessive pain in other small fingers of the foot as well as may sometimes lead to abrasion injuries in the fingers or back side of the heel.