We, as parents, face really difficult time with children coming down with recurrent illnesses. It might become a real challenge for us to keep our child protected from one or the other infections. Repeated episodes of diseases force us to look for ways to improve the immunity of our child and make them less vulnerable to external influences. Though the conventional system of medicine has developed a lot but still we fear of impending side effects on our kids health. Homeopathy is gaining recognition fast even along with other conventional therapies.It is completely safe even for a day old kid

Homeopathy works on immune system of the body, so as to ensure that not only present illness but the overall health of the kid gets improved. It boosts the immunity for a healthier future


•    Homeopathy drugs are 100% non-toxic as they contain very minute doses of drug material. Also, in homeopathic way of preparation, toxic effect of crude substance, if any, disappears

•    Homeopathic medicines, if given under the guidance, do not have any side effects

•    Homeopathy acts fast on young patients as their immune system has not been yet disturbed much by pollutants, stress and other toxic substances. They successfully respond to the gentle doses of homeopathy in short time

•    The sweet pills, powders or liquids used for dispensing homeopathic dilutions are easily palatable for the kids

•    They do not hamper digestion, do not produce allergy or lower the immunity levels as seen with antibiotics

•    It treats not only the symptoms but removes the root cause of suffering, ensuring that symptoms don’t come back once medicine is stopped

•    It can be safely given even to newborn and pregnant ladies

•    This therapy not only cures the present complaints but also makes us stronger with its holistic approach aiming at body’s vital force. Since immune system in children is not fully developed, so they need some support to uplift it at the time of illness. Homeopathy stimulates the child’s immune system

•    Homeopathy prescription takes into account all the behavioral patterns, habits, appearance, parental history since the time of conception (as the maternal thought process during pregnancy plays a vital role in child’s present condition). Physical and mental characteristics with the imaginary world of the child make an important part of the prescription so that he as a person himself, becomes a stronger and healthier being

•    Homeopathy treatment is tailor made as according to the needs and sufferings of the individual patients


Homeopathy can treat innumerable ailments which are faced in childhood. Some of them can be listed as:

  • Recurrent cold and cough    
  • Convulsions
  • Infections   
  • Hyperactive children
  • Tonsillitis and adenoiditis   
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Asthma and bronchitis   
  • Poor concentration
  • Skin allergy    
  • Lack of confidence
  • Psoriasis and white spots    
  • Joint complaints
  • Infant’s colic    
  • Growing pains
  • Dentition    
  • Bed wetting 
  • Dysentery and constipation

This is just beginning of the list... Homeopathy has been proven to be effective in countless disease conditions of kids. Gift your child this precious therapy to ensure a healthier life!!