In a Journey called Life,it is Always a one way traffic with jams ,road blocks & Hurdles ,There are No U Turns. But Looking back helps, reversing the time clock with good memories do take away bad memories felt so far.

What is IIT Syndrome ?  Every student is a Topper from his/ her school but suddenly becomes a NO Body amidst the crowd. On top of it are the jealous relatives and neighbors ready to put complexes in a science oriented mind of an 18 years old. The achiever feels great only to be confronted with comments like -Can you speak good English ( accept it that it is either Science or Shakespeare !) Science students are Not Worldly wise. Another comment which has become a routine- How much does a Doctor or Engineer Earn ?

There are other things to handle in a wild world where each one is an island of knowledge but has no time for others 

There is One News a day about Road Rage in Delhi.

The frustration is vented out to the supposed weakling of society. A Honda person feels Nano person to be inferior and BMW person feels same about Honda person.

Might is Right -to be accepted or Not ?

No , there are generous people like Aziz Premji giving it all for charitable purposes & there are Squatters on Public land feeling great about their activities , knowing well that nobody can touch them because of slow moving Judiciary.

Negative Stress is Taking everything to Heart. 

Positive stress is doing something about it , being result oriented. It does not mean that we are ready to give Tit for Tat for every little mistake done on us, deliberately, knowingly and with a motive.

There is a limit to Tolerate , give back politely when the time and strength to give back favors you but Never with a Rose Flower or with a Stick. Both ways are enough to label the person as Mad.

Accept that Collective Jealousies have ruined a Human life, So they Think, But It Cannot Be.

No Life Lived with a Purpose is a Waste.

Go Back in Time , reassure about good old School days with medals and distinctions.

Have strength to say No More of Exploitation-Physical or Mental. This is Not Living in the Past But Moving Ahead in Life Taking along Past.

One can be a loner in a crowd or enjoy his/her solitude at home.

But do Not give Powers to anyone to play Mind Games or be Adept at Blame games