Do you wake up with pain in the head? Dentist Can Treat Headaches.

There is more to headaches in the morning after you wake up than just commonly occurring headaches. Stress and cold are common a disease for people now in which a headache is one of the symptoms. The issue is that if you have a headache for a long time or pain in your shoulder and neck very morning, TMJ or Temporo Mandibular Joint Disorder might be the cause for it. In this disorder, both of your upper and lower jaws are not in proper alignment. If you are suffering from these symptoms, it is better to visit your dentist for a consultation first than taking pain killers on a daily basis. In TMJ disorder, it’s not necessary to have all the above-mentioned symptoms. TMJ disorder can also cause several dental problems like fracture lines in teeth, broken teeth, toothache, loose teeth and erosion of top surfaces of teeth. Whichever symptoms you are suffering from you should contact the dentist to alleviate the situation on time before any complication is created. Your dentist will suggest you some tips to reduce some pain from TMJ disorders. These are:-

  • Keep your jaws stress free. Resting your jaws and avoiding unnecessary grinding with teeth would help relieve some symptoms.
  • Include jaw exercises in your daily exercise routine. Your dentist will teach you some jaw exercises like Resisted mouth opening and closing, Tongue up, Side to side jaw movement, Ice-cream stick exercise etc. If you do these exercises, your condition will definitely get better.
  • Applying cold pack. You can either buy an ice pack from any pharmacy or you can make ice pack at home by filling a poly bag with ice cubes. This will reduce your inflammation.
  • NSAID- Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. You can use these drugs to relieve pain if pain is still not reduced by above-mentioned alternatives. These include Advil and Motrin; this will not only reduce pain but also reduce inflammation.
  • Occlusal splint. This is the dental device which is made to fit your upper and lower jaws. It is custom made in dental laboratories after the dentist sends your impression in the lab. This will act as stoppage and reduce the damage which occurs every time you grind or clench with your jaws.

Do not ignore pain even if it is slight or dull because it may increase with time and can cause severe damage to your jaw joints. And in that stage, it will be difficult for the dentist to cure this disorder conservatively because then surgery would be the only option left. Call a dental office for an appointment to be evaluated for TMJ disorder.