Meal time is the major factor that plays an important role in weight loss program. The terms breakfast means BREAK YOUR FAST i.e after fasting throughout the night this is the first meal which we consume.

when we go against the nature timings the hormones of our body gets disturbed. Due to disturbance of hormones it can lead to various problems like PCOD, weight gain, etc. This problem can only be cured by changing our lifestyle.

People who tend to eat heavy and nutritious breakfast are seen to be more fit. By having heavy and proper breakfast you improve your metabolism and won't be over-consuming the later hours of the day. Also having breakfast improve concentration levels of students and one does not feel lethargic as the body gets fueled after fasting throughout the night.

Due to busy and hectic schedules people don't have proper breakfast and most of the people don't even have one.

There's a saying "EAT BREAKFAST LIKE KING, LUNCH LIKE PRINCE AND DINNER LIKE BEGGAR." This means breakfast should be the heaviest lunch should be moderate and dinner should be the lightest.


  1. Consider having large breakfast and smaller or lighter dinner. consuming protein at each meal will help you in keeping full.
  2. Stop eating after dinner. Avoid munching, one should keep himself busy as due to boredom we start munching.
  3. Keep your diet balanced one. Make sure you are not missing daily nutrition intake.
  4. Fiber rich whole fruits and vegetables and whole grains are important dietary staples that also satisfy your hunger attacks.
  5. For evening snacks one can have handful of roasted chana, squeezed 1-2pc. of dhokla, popcorn(without butter), 4-5pc. of almonds, etc.
  6. Some healthy breakfast combos can be idli with sambhar, vegetable oats and sprouts, daliya porridge, sandwich with eggs, etc.
  7. Packaged breakfast cereals and canned juices should be replaced with fresh ingredients for achieving ideal body weight.

Let's begin our journey to health with hearty and healthy breakfast.