Scientifically, biologically and genetically women are more intelligent, mentally strong, resilient, capable of multitasking, withstanding severe life events, stressors and are much more resourceful than men.  BUT,

Man marries a woman when he decides. Man has her way with a woman when he decides. Man makes woman pregnant, when he decides. Man thinks and decides whether a girlchild deserves to live or not. Man decides what a girlchild should read, how much a girlchild needs to be educated as anyway she would be 'given away' in marriage. 

Man looks for 'opportunity' with a female - sister, cousin, friend, daughter, niece, colleague, teacher, student, classmate, batchmate, aunt, mother even grandmother;  It does not actually matter whether at home, on street, office, car, bus, train, plane; during day time, during night time; whether she wears Burkha or Bikini, shorts, jeans, sari or chudidar. If she wears jeans or bikini, she deserves to be molested more than others who wear burkhas, saris or chudidars; If she walks out at night, she deserves to be molested more than during daytime; If she is a wife, girlfriend or even appropriately related, she deserves to be molested more than other relatives. If she is working outside her home, she deserves to be molested more than at home. 

Man decides whether she should work or not. Man decides how much a wife or mother or sister deserves towards health expenses and considers a woman a natural donor of organs to man and not vice-versa. Man decides how she should contribute to his success - Man feels good when people say "a successful man has a woman behind" not beside. 

Woman has physique and brains. She is capable of thinking and doing things on her own. Woman will be happy if man lets her decide and let her do what she wants. A woman is not equal to man nor is she the other half or better half or worse half. She is what she is. Man does not decide what she is. Let a woman decide. That understanding is the biggest gift of happiness a Man's Society can give to a woman. A woman should be able to live freely, think freely and find her responsibilities, way and destiny. She deserves that opportunity. 

Let her breathe, Let her think, Let her do things her way. LET WOMEN LIVE