Beer is loved by many and its difficult to imagine doing anything with it other than drinking it.

   However as well as its surprising health benefits beer has a numbers of other useful purpose you can put it into action,around the house and garden.

   And best of all most of them can be done using leftovers and dregs from bottom of bottles and cans,so you don't have to sacrifice your precious drinking nectar..


a] It gives you hair some bounce;

   Beer makes for a great shampoo conditioner that can add life to tired ,matted hair .vitamins and minerals in beer help infuse strands with helpful nutrients ,while alcohol perform the clarifying agent and acidic properties add an extra dose of shine.

  This three prolonged attack system will leave your 

hair shiny and revived.

b]Distract bees and wasps;

       Use beer to your advantage at a garden party by placing some glasses with small amount of beer around the garden ,this will help to keep wasps and bees away from your guest

       You can even use this to trap them as well as other flying pests like fruit flies and mosquitoes.

c]Give wooden furniture a spruice;

       If you have half empty beer bottle left over after a party ,use dregs to revive wooden furniture using a microfiber cloth.


d]Polish your pots;

      In the past ,breweries used beer dregs  used to clean copper vats and for good reason..Again gentle acidity of beer makes it great for this job.It will shine up the pots without staining the metal.

e]Ease a minor tummy ache;

      This is not as crazy as it  sounds ,but slowly sipping on beer can ease minor stomach upsets thanks to carbonation and sugars.


f] Loosen Rusty Bolts;

          If you have ever tried to wrench out bolt that is stuck firmly in place you will be glad for some help.

       Splash of beer leave it for few minutes to allow carbonation to break down the rust and then try and remove the rusty bolt again.

g]Fertilize Your Garden And Plants;

              Your garden will love the yeast and sugars found in beer ,so leftovers beer can be used to make great fertilizers for grass,flower beds and vegetable patches.

       You can use it in indoor plants pots to encourage your indoor plants to grow more quickly.

h]Spice Your Rice;

           If you haven't tried beer soaked rice then you have missed out on a tasty treat !Add something extra to your standard long grain or basmati rice by cooking it in a dark beer which produce a flavour.

h]Soak your feet ;

           This one is best done with freshly opened beer rather than dregs.

                  You should know that there are spas in Europe where you can immerse yourself entirely in beer.

            We dont recommend you to take beer bath .its too expensive ,but using beer mixed with some white vinegar can really refresh your feet ,many anti oxidants  and nutrients are great for your skin.

i]Help Pass kidney stones;

          Many old timers will recommend drinking a beer a day until kidney stones passes .

          There is evidence that drinking beer in moderation can help reduce the risk  of stones  in susceptible people although Binge drinking will have opposite effect.

j]Remove stains;

            If you have stubborn tea .coffee stains apply beer and let it soak before washing b.

k] Clean your jewellery;

      Beer gives rings ,bracelets and tinklets a quick shine.