"Gorse lost all hope and said, I can go no further; you go along, but I shall stay here as I am until death relieves my sufferings."     (After Dr Edward Bach, 1934)

In situation, where you tend to lose hope, this Bach remedy Gorse is greatly useful.  For example,  those who are hopeless in doctors, medicine etc. This remedy is useful in hopeless conditions or “written- off debits” or closed files!  In Tamil nadu, attracted by high rate of interest, many people lost huge amounts by depositing in newly sprung in finance companies and one fine morning, all these companies disappeared disappointing the depositors. Those who took GORSE AND CHICORY on alternative days (one dose at 10a.m and another dose at 5p.m) got back equivalent amount in 2-5 months either from same company or some other source.  The best example to describe the sphere of use of this remedy GORSE is “Written-off debts”.

                Last date for submitting application form (for admission your son/daughter in a school) is over? Don’t worry. Take a dose or two of Gorse and go to school. Your application will be accepted.

                Don’t you believe in these? Well, that is the mental state for which GORSE is needed. On reaching cinema theater you find “House Full” board. Take a dose of Gorse. It works and somehow you get a ticket.

                GORSE will not make you lift Himalayan Mountains with one hand. What is happening to others, if it is not happening to you Gorse will help you to get it.